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60secs4Oceans - Short interviews of world-leading Marine Biologists and Conservationists, featuring Fiorenza Micheli.

From Mexico to Alaska: Cooperative Research Effort Discovers Kelp Migration - With the help of hundreds of volunteers, over twenty years of hard work, and lots of cooperation, a team of scientists from 14 different organizations joined forces in an effort that spans the Pacific Ocean to document the northward migration of kelp forests due to warming waters.

Adriatic Recovery Project documentary - a collaborative initiative between NGOs and research institutions, launched and coordinated by MedReAct. The Project objective is to promote the establishment of Fisheries Restricted Areas to support the recovery of the Adriatic Sea.

PlanetPod podcast - interview with Fiorenza Micheli on Blue Carbon and ocean ecosystems. 

La Red Oceanográfica: Una historia de ciencia ciudadana y cambio climático en la península de Baja California storymap on participatory research in Baja California

Stanford Woods Institute Policy Brief - on climate solutions based in oceans, distributed to selected policy makers in Washington DC.

The Future of Everything radio interview - Russ Altman interviews Fiorenza Micheli

Interview with Grace Dungey - (Mongabay, nonprofit environmental science and conservation news platform) on ‘Blue Acceleration’ 2/4/2020

Interview with Aaron Orlowski, Freelance Journalist. Climate change impacts and adaptation in the California Current region, small-scale fisheries, abalone, marine protected areas. 26 November 2019. Article “Abalone cooperatives in Baja California create marine reserves to weather ocean changes” 12/26/2019

Kids and Climate - free Activity Books for 4th-6th graders, to familiarize themselves with the concept of ocean acidification, what causes it, how it occurs, how it affects marine organisms and ecosystems, and what we can do to help mitigate its impacts

Natalie Arnoldi's Art - Natalie Arnoldi makes large scale oil paintings depicting a myriad of subjects, often with an environmental narrative. Trained academically as a marine biologist, with a bachelors and a masters degree from Stanford University, Arnoldi has had over 50 paintings exhibitions. Arnoldi is currently pursuing a PhD in marine ecology at Stanford University studying with Dr. Fiorenza Micheli.

The Crystal Reef - a 360-degree video experience featuring Fiorenza Micheli that tackles communicating climate change in an immersive and scientifically valid way by the combining the virtual reality expertise of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL) along with the research of the marine science experts at Hopkins Marine Station.

Center for Ocean Solutions Newsletters -The Center for Ocean Solutions newsletter delivers curated news to our network of researchers, practitioners, and supporters. Get connected to our work and the work of our partners at Stanford and beyond

Caroline Ferguson's work in Palau - Who benefits from the export of sea cucumbers?