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Steve Litvin


Ph.D., Oceanography, Rutgers
M.Sc., Ecology and Evolution, Rutgers
Bachelor of Science, Biology, Pennsylvania State University

Research Interests
I am an ecologist interested in how biological, physical and environmental factors affect the populations of specific species and the overall structure of aquatic ecosystems. My work has spanned a variety of systems, including temperate estuaries and coral reefs, with my current focus on kelp forests of the central California coast. I use a variety of empirical field, analytical, laboratory experimental, statistical and modeling approaches, in collaboration physical oceanographers, physiologists, and mathematical modelers. I also serve as the Science Coordinator for the Marine Life Observatory Program at the Hopkins Marine Station.

Selected Publications

Weinstein, M.P., S.Y. Litvin, and M.G. Frisk. 2012 Reversing Two Centuries of Wetland Degradation: CanScience Better Inform Policy & Practice? pp. 353 - 382 In M.P. Weinstein and R.E. Turner (eds.), Sustainability Science: The Emerging Paradigm and the Urban Environment. Springer

Litvin, S.Y., V.G. Guida and M.P. Weinstein. 2011. Lipid class dynamics and storage depots in juvenile weakfish Cynoscion regalis and their application to condition assessment.  Journal of Fish Biology 78:5 1294-1310.

Weinstein, M.P., S.Y. Litvin, and V.G. Guida. 2010. Stable isotope and biochemical composition of white perch in a Phragmites dominated salt marsh and adjacent waters. Wetlands 30: 1181-1191.

Kellner, J., S.Y. Litvin, A. Hastings, P.J. Mumby and F. Micheli. 2010. Disentangling trophic interactions inside a Caribbean marine reserve. Ecological Applications 20:1979–1992.

Weinstein, M.P., S.Y. Litvin, and V.G. Guida. 2009. Tier III essential fish habitat and restoration success criteria: biochemical condition of the common mummichog, Fundulus heteroclitus in common reed, Phragmites australis versus smooth cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora dominated salt marshes. Estuaries and Coasts 32(5): 1011-1022.

Weinstein, M.P., S.Y. Litvin, V.G. Guida and R. C. Chambers. 2009. Is global climate change influencing the overwintering distribution of weakfish (Cynoscion regalis, Bloch & Schneider, 1801)? Journal of Fish Biology 75(3): 693-698.

Mumby, P.J., F. Micheli, C.P. Dahlgren, S.Y. Litvin, A.B. Gill, D.R. Brumbaugh, K. Broad, J.N. Sanchirico, C.V. Kappel, A.R. Harborne, and K.E. Holmes. 2006. Marine parks need sharks? Response to letter. Science 312: 527-528.

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Litvin, S.Y. and M.P. Weinstein. 2003. Life history strategies of estuarine nekton: the role of marsh macrophytes, benthic microalgae, and phytoplankton in the trophic spectrum. Estuaries 26(2B): 552 - 563.

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