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Robin Elahi



PhD, Biology, University of Washington
MS, Biology, California State University, Northridge
BS, Biology, Northeastern University

Research interests:

In general, I study how and why marine communities and populations vary in space and time. Most recently, I have focused on biodiversity and body size change in response to local human impacts and ocean warming. In the Micheli lab, I am studying trawl fisheries in the Adriatic Sea, with the goal of optimizing the placement of a large marine protected area in the context of economic and conservation goals.

Selected publications:

Elahi, R., O’Connor, M.I., Byrnes, J.E.K., Dunic, J., Eriksson, B.K., Hensel, M.J.S. and P.J. Kearns. 2015. Recent trends in local-scale marine biodiversity reflect community structure and human impacts. Current Biology 25:1938-1943

Elahi, R., Dwyer, T.R. and K.P. Sebens. 2014. Mesoscale variability in oceanographic retention sets the abiotic stage for subtidal benthic diversity. Marine Ecology Progress Series 498:117-132

Elahi, R. and K.P. Sebens. 2013. Experimental removal and recovery of subtidal grazers highlights the importance of functional redundancy and temporal context. PLoS One 8(11):e78969

Elahi, R., C. Birkeland, K.P. Sebens, K.R. Turner and T.R. Dwyer. 2013. Limited change in the diversity and structure of subtidal communites over four decades. Marine Biology 160:3209-3219

Elahi, R. and K.P. Sebens. 2012. Consumers mediate natural variation between prey richness and resource use in a benthic marine community. Marine Ecology Progress Series 452:131-143