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Publications - Wood

  1. Ana Sofía Guerra , Fiorenza Micheli, and Chelsea L. Wood. 2016. Ecology of a Vulnerable Shorebird across a Gradient of Habitat Alteration: Bristle-Thighed Curlews (Numenius tahitiensis) (Aves: Charadriiformes) on Palmyra Atoll. Pacific Science, 70(2):159-174. PDF
  2. DeLeo, G, and C.L. Wood. In press. Disease dynamics. In: Encyclopedia of Theoretical Ecology (A. Hastings and L. Gross, Eds.), University of California Press.
  3. Wood, C.L., K.D. Lafferty, and F. Micheli. 2010. Fishing out marine parasites? Impacts of fishing on rates of parasitism in the ocean. Ecology Letters 13: 761–775. PDF