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Publications - Butner

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  2. Micheli, F., G. De Leo, C. Butner, R.G. Martone, G. Shester. 2014. A risk-based framework for assessing the cumulative impact of multiple fisheries. Biological Conservation 176: 224–235. PDF
  3. Micheli, F., G. De Leo, G.G. Shester, R.G. Martone, S. Lluch-Cota, C. Butner, L.B. Crowder, R. Fujita, S. Gelcich, M. Jain, S.E. Lester, B. McCay, R. Pelc, A. Sáenz-Arroyo. 2014. A system-wide approach to supporting improvement in seafood production practices and outcomes. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment12(5): 297-305.  PDF