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Graduate Student

Natalie Arnoldi

Natalie Arnoldi is a PhD candidate in the Micheli lab whose research examines the role of mobile marine predators like sharks and tunas in creating connections between nearshore and open ocean food webs, the ecological significance of these interactions and their implication for sustainable management of marine resources. Her dissertation work is in Palau, a small-island/big ocean nation in the Central Pacific, who recently designated 80% of their ocean territory as a no-take marine reserve. Arnoldi’s research on connectivity will inform critical decision making for Palau’s changing fishing sectors and practices and establish crucial baseline knowledge for the long term monitoring and management of the new sanctuary. In addition to being a marine scientist, Arnoldi is a professional artist who has participated in over 50 exhibitions of her work across the U.S. and internationally. She is passionate about science communication and conservation and has used her dual platform as an artist and scientist to talk about marine conservation issues with non-traditional audiences.