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Visiting Scholar

Elena Gissi

Elena Gissi, PhD, Marie Sklodowska Curie (MSCA) Fellow, is a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, Hopkins Marine Station, USA, and Senior Researcher at the National Research Council, Italy. In 2020 she was awarded a prestigious MSCA by the European Commission with her project MEDIX “Marine Environmental DynamIcs and seX-based analysis for climate change adaptation in marine spatial planning” (2020-2023), for which she works with Prof. Fiorenza Micheli and Prof. Londa Schiebinger. Her research focuses on understanding and modeling the responses to climate change of marine life at multiple levels of biological organization, to incorporate this knowledge in marine management for adaptation and mitigation of climate change. She currently works to integrate sex analysis in ocean sciences to harness the creative power of biological sex for innovation and discovery in marine ecology and biology. She has over a decade of research experience in producing and integrating ecological knowledge and insights in decision making processes. She has applied her findings in marine spatial planning (MSP) in the Mediterranean Sea, and also in environmental and energy planning. She has led European and national funded projects such as the EU Interreg Europe IRENES “Integrating Renewable Energies and Ecosystem Services in Environmental and Energy Policies”. Dr. Gissi has published 41 peer-reviewed articles in the field of ecosystem-based management and marine spatial planning, conservation planning and applied ecology.