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Graduate Student

Ceyenna Tillman

I am a biology PhD candidate with research interests in coastal community ecology, anthropogenic change, species interactions, and community resilience and stability. My current research focuses on the use and innovation of environmental DNA (eDNA) for deepening our understanding of the impacts of environmental changes on the seagrass beds of Palau and our local kelp forest ecosystems. I am also dedicated to the diversification of the fields of marine biology and ecology and evolution, as well as equity within academia and in the sense of access to and utilization of natural resources. Before becoming a grad student at Stanford, I was a CAMINO scholar at UC Santa Cruz where I earned a B.S. in Marine Biology. During this time I participated in research involving coral microbiomes, salamander response to heat stress, marine mammal fatality surveys, and more. In my free time, I love to dance, play volleyball, and watch anime.